The NA62 GigaTracker is a low mass time tagging hybrid pixel detector operating in a beam with a particle rate of 750 MHz. It consists of three stations with a sensor size of 60 x 27mm(2) containing 18000 pixels, each 300 x 300 mu m(2). The active area is connected to a matrix of 2 x 5 pixel ASICs, which time tag the arrival of the particles with a binning of 100 ps. The detector operates in vacuum at -20 to 0 degrees C and the material budget per station must be below 0.5% X-0. Due to the high radiation environment of 2 x 10(14) 1 MeV neutron equivalent cm(-2)/yr(-1) it is planned to exchange the detector modules regularly. The low material budget, cooling requirements and the request for easy module access has driven the electro-mechanical integration of the GigaTracker, which is presented in this paper.