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This article presents an inductive power link for a cortical implant. The link includes a Class-E power amplifier, an inductive link, a matching network, and a rectifier. The coils of the inductive link are designed and optimized for a distance of 10mm (scalp thickness). The power amplifier is designed in order to allow closed loop power control by controlling the supply voltage. A new packaging topology is proposed in order to position the implant in the skull, without occupying much area, but still obtaining short distance between the remote powering coils. The package is fabricated using biocompatible materials such as PDMS and Parylene-C, and it includes the secondary coil, the matching network, and the rectifier. The power efficiency of the link is characterized for a wide range of load power (1-20mW) and found to be 8.1% for nominal load of 10mW. The matching network improves the power efficiency on the whole range, compared to the link without the matching network.