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Properties of nanocomposite film combining hard TiN matrix with embedded fullerene-like WS2 nanoclusters

We have developed hard self-lubricant coatings combining a hard matrix (TiN) and a self-lubricant phase in the form of inorganic-like WS2 fullerene. The nanoparticles were injected from the preparation chamber directly to the sample surface during reactive sputtering from a Ti target in Ar/N-2 atmosphere. The injection of the particles led to the local oxidation of the matrix due to the flow of residual oxygen from the preparation chamber; therefore, the final composite was TiN/Ti-O-WS2. The observation of the composite film by scanning and transmission electron microscopies showed the incorporation of the WS2 nanoparticles; however, their bonding with the matrix was weak. The analysis of the wear tracks did not show any presence of WS2 in the contact. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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