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000171334 245__ $$aGround-state energy and spin gap of spin-1/2 Kagome-Heisenberg antiferromagnetic clusters: Large-scale exact diagonalization results
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000171334 520__ $$aWe present a comprehensive list of the ground-state energies and the spin gaps of finite Kagome clusters with up to 42 spins obtained using large-scale exact diagonalization techniques. This represents the current limit of this exact approach. For a fixed number of spins N, we study several cluster shapes under periodic boundary conditions in both directions resulting in a toroidal geometry. The clusters are characterized by their side length and diagonal as well as the shortest "Manhattan" diameter of the torii. A finite-size scaling analysis of the ground-state energy as well as the spin gap is then performed in terms of the shortest toroidal diameter as well as the shortest "Manhattan" diameter. The structure of the spin-spin correlations further supports the importance of short loops wrapping around the torii.
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