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Ultrabroadband TW-class Ti:sapphire laser system with adjustable central wavelength, bandwidth and multi-color operation

We demonstrate a versatile tunable and highly stable ultrabroadband Ti:sapphire chirped pulse amplification system with a compressed pulse energy of 20 mJ at 100 Hz repetition rate. High power Ti: Sa systems in principle do not offer wavelength tunability due to gain narrowing. Here we demonstrate transform limited pulse generation from 15 fs to 94 fs with tunable central wavelength (lambda(c) from 755 nm to 845 nm) and bandwidth (130nm<Delta lambda<16 nm) as well as multi-color, time synchronized, sub-100 fs pulses with user defined central wavelength separation. The unique wavelength tunability capabilities have been expanded into the UV and deep-UV by second and third harmonic generation with excellent energy stability. Enhanced energy stability is achieved by multiplexing six ultrastable diode-based solid state pump lasers. (C) 2011 Optical Society of America


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