EDIPO is the new 12.5 T superconducting test facility that is being installed at CRPP in Villigen, Switzerland. It will be placed beside the existing test facility SULTAN. The main purpose of both facilities is testing samples for the ITER project. EDIPO will provide a uniform high field region of similar to 1 m, i.e. longer than SULTAN's (similar to 45 cm). EDIPO includes the main magnet and a superconducting transformer to power it with a current up to 100 kA in the test sample. The energy stored in the dipole is 16 MJ and in the undesired event of a quench this energy must be safely extracted. A Quench Detection System (QDS) is required to trigger the quench protection system for both the dipole and the transformer. This paper describes the overall QDS from the conceptual design, components, manufacture and commissioning as well as interactions with related systems.