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000169726 245__ $$aTowards computational complexity certification for constrained mpc based on lagrange relaxation and the fast gradient method
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000169726 520__ $$aSolving a convex optimization problem within an a priori certified period of time is a challenging problem. This paper discusses the certification of Nesterov’s fast gradient method for problems with a strictly quadratic objective and a feasible set given as the intersection of a parametrized affine set and a convex set constraint. We derive a lower iteration bound for the solution of the dual problem that is obtained from a partial Lagrange Relaxation and propose a new constant step- size rule that we prove to be optimal under mild assumptions. Finally, the certification procedure is applied to a constrained MPC problem and it is shown that the new step-size rule improves convergence significantly.
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000169726 7112_ $$dDecember, 2011$$cOrlando, Florida$$aIEEE Conference on Decision & Control
000169726 773__ $$tProceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision & Control
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