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000169643 245__ $$aProblem Structuring Methods in System Dynamics Modeling-A Cognitive Fit Perspective
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000169643 520__ $$aThe knowledge residing in the mental models of clients and stakeholders is considered as a crucial source of information by system dynamicists. Despite the importance of this knowledge, the theory of SD does not provide practical means for eliciting and recording it. Thus, several methods known as problem structuring methods (PSMs) have been developed and employed in the SD community to facilitate the problem situation conceptualization in group model building (GMB). Despite the growing body of literature on the application of the PSMs, limited work has been done on assessing and comparing the relative usefulness of PSMs in terms of their potential impact on problem-solving performance. In this paper, by invoking Cognitive Fit Theory, we develop a set of propositions for the analysis of the impact of PSMs on problem-solving performance.
000169643 6531_ $$aCognitive Fit Theory, Problem-solving Performance, Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs), System Dynamics (SD)
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000169643 7112_ $$dJuly 24 - 28, 2011$$cWashington DC, USA$$aThe 29th International Conference of The System Dynamics Society
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