We present a viscometric affinity biosensor that can potentially allow continuous multi-analyte monitoring in biological fluids like blood or plasma. The sensing principle is based on the detection of viscosity changes of a polymeric solution which has a selective affinity for the analyte of interest. The chemico-mechanical sensor incorporates an actuating piezoelectric diaphragm, a sensing piezoelectric diaphragm and a flow-resisting microchannel for viscosity detection. A free-standing Anodic Alumina Oxide (AAO) porous nano-membrane is used as selective interface. A glucose-sensitive sensor was fabricated and extensively assessed in buffer solution. The sensor reversibility, stability and sensitivity were excellent during at least 65 hours. Results showed also a good degree of stability for a long term measurement (25 days). The sensor behaviour was furthermore tested in fetal bovine serum (FBS). The obtained results for glucose sensing are very promising, indicating that the developed sensor is a candidate for continuous monitoring in biological fluids. Sensitive solutions for ionized calcium and pH are currently under development and should allow multi-analyte sensing in the near future.