Implantable neurological probe for performing physiological measurement of patient, has microelectrode element that is arranged along the protrusion extended away from surface of supportive backing layer

Described herein are microelectrode array devices, and methods of fabrication and use of the same, to provide highly localized and efficient electrical stimulation of a neurological target. The device includes multiple microelectrode elements arranged along an supportive backing layer. The microelectrode elements are dimensioned and shaped so as to target individual neurons, groups of neurons, and neural tissue as may be located in an animal nervous system, such as along a region of a cortex of a human brain. Beneficially, the neurological probe can be used to facilitate location of the neurological target and remain implanted for long-term monitoring and/or stimulation.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Mikrogefertigte oberflächennervenstimulationsvorrichtung sowie verfahren zu ihrer herstellung (fr) Dispositif de neurostimulation surfacique microfabriqué et procédé de fabrication correspondant (en) Microfabricated surface neurostimulation device and method of making the same
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