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We report on a home-built detector for catalytic reaction measurements offering good gas isolation from the surrounding ultrahigh vacuum components, high sensitivity for reaction products and a fast response time of 10 ms enabling dynamic studies correlated to reactant gas pulses. The device is mounted in ultrahigh vacuum and combined with a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope and a source for the deposition of mass-selected clusters. This combination allows for a direct correlation between surface morphology and catalytic properties of model catalysts. The performances of the new detector are illustrated by measurements on two model systems. Thermal desorption spectroscopy of CO carried out on morphologically well characterized Pt on TiO2(110)-(1×1) reveals several desorption features, which can be attributed to different surface sites. Catalytic CO oxidation performed by alternatingly pulsing isotopic CO and O2 on a Pt film on yttria stabilized zirconia reveals the CO or O rich temperature regimes. The CO2 production rate correlated with either one of the reactants can perfectly be reproduced by a kinetic reaction model giving access to the respective adsorption energies.