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Sommerfeld-integrals (SIs) are ubiquitous in the analysis of problems involving antennas and scatterers embedded in planar multilayered media. It is well known that the oscillating and slowly decaying nature of their integrands makes the numerical evaluation of the SI real-axis tail segment a very time consuming and computationally expensive task. Therefore, SI tails have to be specially treated. In this paper we compare two recently developed techniques for their efficient numerical evaluation. First, a partition-extrapolation method, in which the integration-then-summation procedure is combined with a new version of the weighted averages (WA) extrapolation technique, is summarized. The previous variants of WA technique are also discussed. Then, a review of double-exponential (DE) quadrature formulas for direct integration of the SI tails is presented. The efficient way of implementing the algorithms, their pros and cons, as well as comparisons of their performance are discussed in detail.