A Hamiltonian/Lagrangian theory to describe guiding center orbit drift motion that is canonical in Boozer magnetic coordinates is developed to include full electrostatic and electromagnetic perturbed fields in axisymmetric tokamak geometry. Furthermore, the radial component of the equilibrium magnetic field in the covariant representation is retained and the background equilibrium state extends to anisotropic plasma pressure conditions. A gauge transformation on the perturbed vector potential is imposed to guarantee canonical structure in the Boozer frame. Perturbed field nonlinear wave-wave interactions affect only the evolution of the guiding center particle parallel gyroradius. The evolution of the particle coordinate positions retains only linear wave-particle interactions. For particle motion in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instability structures, the electrostatic potential is linked mainly to the binormal component of the perturbed displacement vector when finite $delta extbf{A_{perp}}$ components are included.