We consider semiclassical Schr\"odinger operators on the real line of the form $$H(\hbar)=-\hbar^2 \frac{d^2}{dx^2}+V(\cdot;\hbar)$$ with $\hbar>0$ small. The potential $V$ is assumed to be smooth, positive and exponentially decaying towards infinity. We establish semiclassical global representations of Jost solutions $f_\pm(\cdot,E;\hbar)$ with error terms that are uniformly controlled for small $E$ and $\hbar$, and construct the scattering matrix as well as the semiclassical spectral measure associated to $H(\hbar)$. This is crucial in order to obtain decay bounds for the corresponding wave and Schr\"odinger flows. As an application we consider the wave equation on a Schwarzschild background for large angular momenta $\ell$ where the role of the small parameter $\hbar$ is played by $\ell^{-1}$. It follows from the results in this paper and \cite{DSS2}, that the decay bounds obtained in \cite{DSS1}, \cite{DS} for individual angular momenta $\ell$ can be summed to yield the sharp $t^{-3}$ decay for data without symmetry assumptions.