Transitions from the X 1SIGMA+ (v = 0) ground state of the carbon monoxide molecule to the electronically excited A 1PI(v = 0), B 1SIGMA+ (v = 0), and C 1SIGMA+ (v = 0) states have been studied by 2-photon laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Accurate molecular constants for the B and C state have been determined. The electric dipole moments for all three electronically excited states have been deduced from the observed Stark effects. The dipole moments for the A, B, and C states are found to be 0.335+/-0.013, 1.95+/-0.03, and 4.50+/-0.07 D, respectively. From the observed radiative lifetimes the transition probabilities of the B-A, B-X and C-B, C-A, and C-X transitions have been determined.