Functional optical coherent imaging platform for medical application e.g. neurosurgery, has active camera unit that captures image of specific region of test subject after transmitting stimulus signals

The present invention relates to a functional optical coherent imaging (fOCI) platform comprising at least one active camera unit (ACU) comprising a coherent and/or a partially coherent light source, and means for spectral filtering and imaging a selected body area of interest; an image processing unit (IPU) for pre-processing data received from an ACU; at least one stimulation unit (STU) transmitting a stimulation to a subject; at least one body function reference measurement unit (BFMU); a central clock and processing unit (CCU), with interconnections to the ACU, the IPU, the STU, for collecting pre-processed data from the IPU, stimuli from the STU body function reference data from the BFMU in a synchronized manner; a post-processing unit (statistical analysis unit, SAU); and an operator interface (HOI). Further the invention relates to a process for acquiring stimuli activated subject data comprising the steps of aligning a body function unit at a subject and monitoring pre-selected body function; selecting a stimulus or stimuli; imaging a body area of interest; exerting one or a series of stimuli on the subject; imaging the body area of interest synchronous with said stimuli and the preselected body functions; and transferring said synchronized image, stimuli and body function data to a statistical analysis unit (SAU) and performing calculations to generate results pertaining to body functions.

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