Polymerization of the new double-charged monomer bis-1,3(N,N,N trimethylammonium dicyanamide)-2-propylmethacrylate and ionic conductivity of the novel polyelectrolytes

The achievement of high ionic conductivity in single-ion conducting polymer electrolytes is one of the important aims for various electrochemical devices including modern lithium batteries. One way to enhance the ionic conductivity in polyelectrolyte systems is to increase the quantity of charge carriers in each monomer unit. Highly charged poly(bis-1,3(N,N,N-trimethylammonium)-2-propylmethacrylate) with one of the most conducting anions, namely dicyanamide, was prepared via free radical bulk polymerization or using ionic liquids as reaction medium. The cationic polymers of the double-charged monomer have molar masses up to equation image = 1,830,000 g/mol and the ionic conductivity equal to 5.51 × 10−5 S/cm at 25°C. The film forming ability, crystallinity, thermal stability, and glass transition temperatures of the new polymeric ionic liquids obtained from detailed studies are presented

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Polymers Advanced Technologies, 22, 4, 448–457

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