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The goal of the present diploma work is to experimentally investigate the fast ion physics in TORPEX plasmas, in which interchange modes with flute characteristics and intermittent transport events, i.e. blobs, are observed to dominate the plasma dynamics. During the first part of the diploma, the Candidate will test different fast ion emitters on a test bench, which will be then mounted into the BN casing to form the fast ion source. In parallel, the Candidate will design an innovative in-vessel movable system, which will displace toroidally the fast ion source, thus allowing 3D measurements of the fast ion beam. In the second part of the diploma, the detector will be mounted onto the existing 2D position system and the Candidate will focus on energy-resolved 2D measurements of the fast ion beam. Provided that the in-vessel movable system is timely and successfully constructed, the measurements will be repeated at different toroidal positions of the source, thus providing first 3D and energy resolved measurements of fast ion profiles. The measurements will be performed together with sets of movable Langmuir probe arrays, which provide complete monitoring of the plasma dynamics with fine spatial and temporal resolution.