A new lidar for the measurement of tropospheric ozone is proposed, based on the differential analysis of the Raman backscattered signals on nitrogen and oxygen, which is far less sensitive to the aerosols than the classical DIAL system. Using a third Raman channel, the system is able to measure the water vapor mixing ratio simultaneously. The transmitting section of the instrument is composed of a single wavelength at 266 nm, generated by a quadrupled Nd:YAG laser, while the receiving section is the combination of a 20 cm Newton telescope, a polychromator, custom made band pass filters and miniature photomultiplier, giving a compact and efficient optical layout. The cross-talk between the different channels, and the rejection of the 266 nm wavelength have been measured in detail and will be presented. Time series of ozone and water vapor vertical profile during some days have been performed in the early spring 99.