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Variation simulation of the cross section for the SSC Dipole Magnet

This paper reports on the status of using a random coil stack-up approach to analyze the 2-D cross-section geometry of the SSC Dipole Magnets. The simulation of the random stack-up of the coil parts due to random variations of parts, tooling and manufg. processes will identify those variations that significantly affect the multipoles. This approach is part of the field quality plan that has been implemented to ensure that the RMS specification requirements for the SSC Dipole Magnets are satisfied. This will allow one to adjust the manufg. processes to satisfy the RMS multipole specifications. The features are described of the simulation program, how various processes are developed for 90 Deg and 360 Deg magnet cross sections are discussed, and the magnetic field sensitivity matrix is mentioned, along with some sample calcns.

    Keywords: simulation cross section SSC dipole magnet; accelerator collider dipole magnet cross section


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    Nuclear Technology


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    Simulation and Modeling (of cross section for SSC dipole magnet); Accelerators (colliders, variation simulation of cross section for dipole magnets for SSC); Magnets (dipole, variation simulation of cross section for SSC)


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