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Fast in situ metallization: a comparison of several methods with possible applications in high-density multichip interconnects

A review with 74 refs. is given on fabrication of metalizations and interconnects in microelectronics. An application of metal complexes for laser-assisted CVD is described. Different methods for pre-nucleation and developing of films and lines are discussed.

    Keywords: review metalization interconnect deposition ; laser radiation CVD metalization review


    Copyright 2003 ACS


    AN 1993:70917

    CAN 118:70917


    Electric Phenomena

    Lab. Chim. Techn.,Ec. Polytech. Fed.,Lausanne,Switz. FIELD URL:

    Conference; General Review


    written in English.

    Laser radiation (in fabrication of multitip interconnects); Electric circuits (integrated, metalization for, laser in fast in situ); Electric conductors (interconnections, fast in situ metalization technol. of); Vapor deposition processes (photochem., for metalization deposition)


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