The field of electronic aid for disabled people has been growing constantly with many new innovations being added every year. The need for electronic aid in alternative and augmentative communication (ACC) is becoming increasingly important. Devices which describe extra ways of helping people who find it hard to communicate by speech or writing are being introduced into the market every year. A next generation device for alternative and augmentative communication which shall be used in rehabilitation therapies for speech-impaired people is being developed at EPFL-IMT. This device includes smart image processing capabilities to offer new possibilities to train users and to let them express in a more intuitive and interactive manner. The user acquires an image (pictogram, picture or barcode). The device recognizes the image and plays its corresponding pre-recorded audio sequence. This device is intended to be used by language re-education professionals and specialized educators in the treatment of people affected by pathologies such as aphasia, autism, trisomy or mental handicaps.