We report a high molar extinction coefficient metal-free sensitizer composed of a triarylamine donor in combination with the 2-(2,2'-bithiophen-5-yl)acrylonitrile conjugation unit and cyanoacrylic acid as an acceptor. In conjugation with a volatile acetonitrile-based electrolyte or a solvent-free ionic liquid electrolyte, we have fabricated efficient dye-sensitized solar cells showing a corresponding 7.5% or 6.1% efficiency measured under the air mass 1.5 global sunlight. The ionic liquid cell exhibits excellent stability during a 1000 h accelerated test under the light-soaking and thermal dual stress. Intensity-modulated photocurrent and photovolatge spectroscopies were employed along with the transient photoelectrical decay measurements to detail the electron transport in the mesoporous titania films filled with these two electrolytes.