Current capabilities of Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) in Eulerian-Lagrangian studies of dispersed flows are limited by the modeling of the Sub-Grid Scale (SGS) turbulence effects on particle dynamics. These effects should be taken into account in order to reproduce accurately the physics of particle dispersion since the LES cut-off filter removes both energy and flow structures from the turbulent flow field. In this paper, we examine the possibility of including explicitly SGS effects by incorporating ad hoc closure models in the Lagrangian equations of particle motion. Specifically, we consider candidate models based on fractal interpolation and approximate deconvolution techniques. Results show that, even when closure models are able to recover the fraction of SGS turbulent kinetic energy for the fluid velocity field ( not resolved in LES), prediction of local segregation and, in turn, of near-wall accumulation may still be inaccurate. This failure indicates that reconstructing the correct amount of fluid and particle velocity fluctuations is not enough to reproduce the effect of SGS turbulence on particle near-wall accumulation.