Age-Hardening Response of Replicated Microcellular Al-4.5%Cu

We study the response to age hardening of Al-4.5%Cu replicated foams with 75 and 400 pm cell sizes and with varying relative densities. The 400 mu m cell size foams have a similar behavior to the bulk alloy, whereas the 75 pm cell size foams with relative densities below 20% show no increase in strength with age hardening; this effect is interpreted as due to damage accumulation. Overall, the present study shows that, by age hardening the metal making the foam, open-celled replicated aluminium foams can be made as strong as commercial closed-celled aluminium foams, despite their inferior mesostructure.

Published in:
Porous Metals And Metallic Foams: Metfoam 2007, 335-338
Presented at:
5th Biennial International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams (MetFoam 2007), Montreal, CANADA, Sep 05-07, 2007
Destech Publications, Inc, 439 Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa 17602-4967 Usa

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