A novel magnetic actuated polymer optical platform is integrated into lamellar grating and Michelson type Fourier transform spectrometers. The proposed advantages of the novel platform over existing approaches, such as MEMS spectrometers, or bulky FTIR systems, include millimeter range dimensions providing a large clear aperture and enabling conventional machining for device fabrication, a controllable AC and/or DC motion both in rotational and translational modes, and real-time measurement. The platform is capable of achieving +/- 250 mu m DC deflection (i.e., 20cm(-1) frequency resolution) in ambient pressure in the translational mode. A spectral resolution of 0.89 nm at 638 nm is demonstrated using this platform in a Michelson interferometer configuration. In addition, an overview of system integration methods including an optical position feedback mechanism is also discussed. (C) 2009 Published by Elsevier B.V.