User Performance in Interaction with Web-GIS: A Semi-Automated Methodology Using Log-Files and Streaming-Tools

This paper describes a framework of methods for the measurement and evaluation of users' performance in interaction with a web-GIS. The framework involves testing of a system with real-world users, streaming of the user's screen during the evaluation and the analysis of web-server log files after the evaluation. We have developed and tested this method within a project called RIV together with real-world users that are using a web-GIS. We found out that users have different strategies when interacting with a web-GIS that offers different manners of interaction. The findings that we present in this paper are useful for developers and designers of web-GIS and can help improving such systems.

Published in:
European Information Society: Taking Geoinformation Science One Step Further, 433-443
Presented at:
11th Annual Conference of the Association-of-Geographic-Information-Laboratories-for-Europe, Girona, SPAIN, 2008
Springer-Verlag New York, Ms Ingrid Cunningham, 175 Fifth Ave, New York, Ny 10010 Usa

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