We present angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy data probing the electronic structure of the Nd-substituted high-T-c cuprate La1.48Nd0.4Sr0.12CuO4. Data have been acquired at low and high photon energies, h nu=55 and 500 eV, respectively. The two extracted Fermi surfaces show significant differences. The differences can be attributed to either the change in probing depth suggesting dissimilarity of the intrinsic electronic structure between surface and bulk regions, or a considerable c-axis dispersion signaling a strong interlayer coupling. At both photon energies, considerable spectral weight is observed at all points along the Fermi surface and the intensity distribution as well as Fermi-surface shape observed at low as well as high photon energy is markedly different from what has been previously reported for La1.28Nd0.6Sr0.12CuO4 by Zhou [Science 286, 268 (1999)].