On the Complexity of the Port Assignment Problem for Binary Commutative Operators in High-Level Synthesis

The present formulation of the port assignment problem for binary commutative operators tries to minimize the number of wires connected to both the left and right inputs of the operator; intuitively, this minimizes the total number of inputs connected to both inputs, which reduces the size of the multiplexers that are instantiated. This paper revises the formulation to attempt to balance the difference between the number of wires connected to both inputs; minimizing the size of the larger multiplexer place oil the input minimizes the delay through the operator.

Published in:
2009 International Symposium On Vlsi Design, Automation And Test (Vlsi-Dat), Proceedings Of Technical Program, 339-342
Presented at:
International Symposium on VLSI Design, Automation and Test, Hsinchu, TAIWAN, Apr 27-30, 2009
Ieee Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, Po Box 1331, Piscataway, Nj 08855-1331 Usa

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