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Branching fraction, polarization and CP-violating asymmetries in B 0→D*+D*- decays

Miyake, H.; Hazumi, M.; Abe, K.; Abe, K.; Aihara, H.; Asano, Y.; Aulchenko, V.; Aushev, T.; Aziz, T.; Bahinipati, S.

We present measurements of the branching fraction, the polarization parameters and CP-violating asymmetries in B0→D*+D *- decays using a 140 fb-1 data sample collected at the Υ(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB energy-asymmetric e+e- collider. We obtain B(B0→D*+D*-)=[0. 81±0.08(stat)±0.11(syst)]×10-3, R⊥=0.19±0. 08(stat)±0.01(syst), R0=0.57±0.08(stat)±0.02(syst), S=-0.75±0.56(stat)±0.12(syst) and A=-0.26±0.26(stat) ±0.06(syst). Consistency with Standard Model expectations is also discussed.


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