In this contribution we explore a new and simple approach for immobilizing enzymes like glucose oxidase on SU-8 surfaces to develop a smart substrate integrated in microfluidics. SU-8 is a well known photoresist often used in microfluidic prototyping. Immobilization of enzymes on such substance can open new possibilities in the microfabrication of enzyme biosensors and bioreactors. To demonstrate the consistency of this approach, we describe the design, fabrication and the simple functionalization of a microfluidic bioreactor employing smart SU-8 pillars for continuous amperometric measurement of glucose. The results reveal the possibility of simply binding enzymes on SU-8 surface. Moreover, a significant improvement in the linear response range is observed compared to the previous published amperometric microfluidic glucose sensors [1,2]. (C) 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd.