Feedback loop conception methodology for step-down continuous switching DC/DC converter

The stability and the dimensioning of a step-down switching voltage regulator feedback loop remain a complex task. An analytical approach allows dimensioning of all the components, strongly facilitating this task. In this article, a mathematical analysis is developed in order to determine the values of the passive component of the feedback loop, taking into account the tolerances of the various components. © 2008 IEEE.

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Proceedings of the Joint 6th International IEEE Northeast Workshop on Circuits and Systems and TAISA Conference, 2008. NEWCAS-TAISA 2008. 2008, 101-104
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Circuits and Systems and TAISA Conference, 2008. NEWCAS-TAISA 2008. 2008 Joint 6th International IEEE Northeast Workshop on, Montreal, QC, Canada, August 22, 2008
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