Electrical model of a single pixel SOI phototransistor relying on the transient charge pumping technique

In this paper a floating body partially depleted SOI MOSFET used to measure light intensity using the transient charge pumping [1] is modeled through an equivalent electrical circuit. Essentially, photogenerated charges of the MOSFET are converted into a charge pumping frequency needed to maintain the drain current constant during the illumination. This contrasts with other conventional methods that rely on an accurate quantification of the drain current to measure the light intensity. Flux densities as low as 2mW/m2 were measured, thus confirming the potential of this approach. © 2007 IEEE.

Published in:
Proceedings of the IEEE Sensors, 2007, 581-584
Presented at:
Sensors, 2007 IEEE, Atlanta, GA, USA, October 28-31, 2007
IMM-STI- Electrical Department, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, Export Date: 19 January 2010, Source: Scopus, Art. No.: 4388465, References: Okhonin, S., Nagoga, M., Fazan, P., Principles of transient charge pumping on partially depleted SOI MOSFETs (2002) IEEE Electron Device Letters, 23, pp. 279-281. , May; Gamal, A.E., Eltoukhy, H., An introduction to the technology, design and performance limits, presenting recent developments and future directions (2005) IEEE Circuits and Devices, , May-June; Yamamoto, H., Taniguchi, K., Hamaguchi, C., High-sensitivity SOI MOS photodetector with self-amplification (1996) Journal of Applied Physics, 35, pp. 1382-1386; Zhang, W., Chan, M., Ko, P.K., Performance of the floating gate/body tied NMOSFET photodetector on SOI substrate (2000) IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 47 (7), p. 1375. , July; Saliese, J.-M., Porret, A.-S., A novel approach to oharge-based non-quasi-static model of the MOS transistor valid in all modes of operation (2000) Solid-State Electronics, 44, pp. 887-894; L. Harik, J-M. Saliese and M. Kayal, Transient charge pumping as a new technique for a higher sensitivity SOI MOSFET photodetector to be published in ESSDERC September 2007Heremans, P., Witters, J., Groeseneken, G., Maes, H.E., Analysis of the charge pumping technique and its application for the evaluation of MOSFET degradation (1989) IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 36 (7), pp. 1318-1335. , July

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