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Amodernmanycore architecture can be viewed as a distributed system with explicit message passing to communicate between cores. Ensuring the consistency of shared state replicated over several cores is the key to the well functioning of such a system. Yet, doing this efficiently is very challenging given the non-uniform latency in inter-core communication and the unpredicted core response time. We explore, for the first time, the feasibility of implementing a (non-blocking) agreement algorithm in a manycore system. We present PaxosInside, a new consensus algorithm that takes up the challenges of manycore environments, such as limited bandwidth of interconnect network and the consensus leader. A unique characteristic of PaxosInside is the use of a single acceptor role in steady state, which in our context, significantly reduces the number of exchanged messages between replicas. We describe the implementation of PaxosInside on a manycore system and highlight its scalability.