Monolithic integration of III-V microcavity LEDs on silicon drivers using conformal epitaxy

Conformal epitaxy is an epitaxial growth technique capable of yielding low dislocation density III-V films on Silicon. In this technique, the growth of the m-V material occurs parallel to the silicon substrate, from the edge of a previously deposited III-V seed, the vertical growth being stopped by an overhanging capping layer. As an example, conformal GaAs layers on Silicon, presenting dislocation densities below 10(5)cm(-2), have been obtained using selective vapor phase epitaxy. These layers have then been used as high quality GaAs on Si substrates for subsequent vertical MBE regrowth of active structures.

Published in:
Iii-V And Iv-Iv Materials And Processing Challenges For Highly Integrated Microelectronics And Optoelectronics, 535, 139-144
Presented at:
Symposium D on Integration of Dissimilar Materials in Micro- and Optoelectronics / Symposium I on III-V and SiGe Group IV Device/IC Processing Challenges for Commercial Applications, at the 1998 MRS Fall Meeting, BOSTON, MA, Nov 30-Dec 03, 1998
Materials Research Society

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