In this paper, we report on the integration technique and fabrication of a scanning probe interrogating the location of charges and their tracks inside quantum devices. Our unique approach is to pattern the charged sensor into a high topography micromechanical structure. A single-electron transistor (SET) is directly integrated onto the microfabricated cantilever that extends out from the body of a scanning force microscope (SFM) probe of standard dimensions. In a novel tactic and by reversing their traditional roles, a tuning fork (TF) completes the probe to provide the self-actuating and self-sensing qualities necessary for an oscillatory force sensor. We show sharp edges on the Coulomb diamonds, indication that the SET fabrication step yields devices of high quality. We demonstrate topographical scans with this probe. All stages of the fabrication process are executed on batches of probes which is an essential step away from the time-consuming and individual preparation of other implementations. It opens the door to a more reproducible and large volume production.