We give a self-contained discussion of recent progress in computing the non-perturbative effects of small non-holomorphic soft supersymmetry breaking, including a simple new derivation of these results based on an anomaly-free gauged U(1)(R) background. We apply these results to N = 1 theories with deformed moduli spaces and conformal fixed points. In an SU(2) theory with a deformed moduli space, we completely determine the vacuum expectation values and induced soft masses. We then consider the most general soft breaking of supersymmetry in N = 2 SU(2) super-Yang-Mills theory. An N = 2 superfield spurion analysis is used to give an elementary derivation of the relation between the modulus and the prepotential in the effective theory. This analysis also allows us to determine the non-perturbative effects of all soft terms except a non-holomorphic scalar mass, away from the monopole points. We then use an N = 1 spurion analysis to determine the effects of the most general soft breaking, and also analyze the monopole points. We show that naive dimensional analysis works perfectly. Also, a soft mass for the scalar in this theory forces the theory into a free Coulomb phase.