Characterisation of the SVEA-96 Optima2 boiling water reactor assembly, in terms of the radial distributions of normalised total fission and 238U capture rates, is reported at its central elevation, i.e. at the 92-pin section, where the one-third part-length pins are replaced by water. Measurements performed in the PROTEUS facility are compared with MCNPX predictions. The calculation model included the measured locations of the SVEA-96 Optima2 assemblies and sub-assemblies, within the PROTEUS test zone. Predicted and experimental fission and 238U capture rates are found to agree, respectively, within 3.5% and 4% for all pins. Fission rates in the burnable-absorber UO2-Gd2O3 fuel pins have been predicted without bias using the ENDF/B-VI data library but show an average 1.4% under-prediction with the JEFF-3.1 data library. A slight overestimation of the total fission rate in the pins located at the periphery of the assemblies was observed and has been attributed to an inaccurate modelling of the pin positions. However, there was no systematic bias observed due to the absence of the one-third pins at the corners of the assembly.[All rights reserved Elsevier].