Effects of void uncertainties on the void reactivity coefficient and pin power distributions for a 1010 BWR assembly

An important source of uncertainty in boiling water reactor physics is associated with the precise characterisation of the moderation properties of the coolant and by-pass regions, with significant impact on reactor physics parameters such as the lattice neutron multiplication, the neutron migration area and the pin-by-pin power distribution. In this paper, the effects of certain relevant void-fraction uncertainties on reactor physics parameters have been studied for a BWR assembly of the type Westinghouse SVEA-96 using CASMO-4, HELIOS/PRESTO-2 and MCNP4C. The SVEA-96 geometry is characterised by the sub-division of the assembly into four different sub-bundles, by means of an inner by-pass with a cruciform shape. The study has covered: (a) the effects of different cross-section data libraries on the void coefficient of reactivity, for a wide range of void fractions; (b) the consideration of a water film inside the sub-bundle walls, and (c) the impact of partly inserted absorber blades producing very different void fractions in different sub-bundles. [All rights reserved Elsevier]

Published in:
Annals of Nuclear Energy, 33, 2, 119-25
Lab. for Reactor Phys. Syst. Behaviour, Paul Scherrer Inst., Villigen, Switzerland

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