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000150239 245__ $$aTwisting structures and strongly homotopy morphisms
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000150239 520__ $$aIn an application of the notion of twisting structures introduced by Hess and Lack, we define twisted composition products of symmetric sequences of chain complexes that are degreewise projective and finitely generated. Let Q be a cooperad and let BP be the bar construction on the operad P. To each morphism of cooperads g from Q to BP is associated a P-co-ring, K(g), which generalizes the two-sided Koszul and bar constructions. When the co-unit from K(g) to P is a quasi-isomorphism, we show that the Kleisli category for K(g) is isomorphic to the category of P-algebras and of their morphisms up to strong homotopy, and we give the classifying morphisms for both strict and homotopy P-algebras. Parametrized morphisms of (co)associative chain (co)algebras up to strong homotopy are also introduced and studied, and a general existence theorem is proved. In the appendix, we study the particular case of the two-sided Koszul resolution of the associative operad.
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