We present a registration algorithm for pairs of deforming and partial range scans that addresses the challenges of non-rigid registration within a single non-linear optimization. Our algorithm simultaneously solves for correspondences between points on source and target scans, confidence weights that measure the reliability of each correspondence and identify non-overlapping areas, and a warping field that brings the source scan into alignment with the target geometry. The optimization maximizes the region of overlap and the spatial coherence of the deformation while minimizing registration error. All optimization parameters are chosen automatically; hand-tuning is not necessary. Our method is not restricted to part-in-whole matching, but addresses the general problem of partial matching, and requires no explicit prior correspondences or feature points. We evaluate the performance and robustness of our method using scan data acquired by a structured light scanner and compare our method with existing non-rigid registration algorithms. © 2008 The Eurographics Association and Blackwell Publishing Ltd.