Inductive magnetic sensors are widely used for plasma equilibrium reconstruction and control. However, their measurements involve electronic integration and can therefore experience drift leading to inaccurate plasma positioning. For this reason, we have studied an original drift-free approach to estimate the plasma equilibrium. The principle of this correction is based on modulation of the plasma position and current at three independent frequencies and analysing the modulated magnetic signals to provide additional estimation on the equilibrium. Using a plasma model based on current wires, the accuracy of such a method is assessed for Tore Supra in terms of the signal to noise ratio. The plasma position is recovered within a precision of 5 mm fora signal to noise ratio better than 80 dB. Applying our approach to dedicated experiments performed on the Tore Supra tokamak, we confirm the quality of the result and find that we can estimate the radial and vertical positions of the plasma to 1 mm with a one standard deviation confidence interval. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.