We present recent results obtained with a novel spectrometer developed within the EU project VOLPE (VOLume PhotoEmission from solids with synchrotron radiation), now operational at ESRF (Beamline ID 16), where we were able to achieve high energy resolution as well as good statistics photoemission spectra up to 6-8 keV of photoelectron kinetic energy. The spectrometer is a hemispherical deflector analyzer with electrostatic input lens and 2D position sensitive detector. Ag 3d, An 4f and valence band spectra have been measured from polycrystalline Ag and An, displaying an overall energy resolution (photons + analyzer) of about 71 meV at 6 keV, as measured at 18 K on the Fermi edge. The corresponding resolving power of 8 x 10(4) is one of the highest values achieved in photoemission measurements from solid samples. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.