Four new bis(phosphino)amine ligands (Ph2P)2N-C6H3-R, where R = 3,5-OMe (1), 2,5-OMe (2), 2,4-OMe (3) or 3,4-OMe (4), were prepd. via aminolysis of the corresponding dimethoxyanilines with 2 equiv. of diphenylphosphine chloride in the presence of tri-Et amine. Oxidn. of these ligands with aq. H2O2, elemental S8 or Se powder afforded the corresponding chalcogen oxides 1a-4a, sulfides 1b-4b and selenides 1c-4c in good yields. Reaction of 1-4 with [MCl2(cod)] (M = Pt, Pd; cod = cycloocta-1,5-diene) in equimolar ratios afforded cis-[MCl2{(Ph2P)2N-C6H3-R}] (M = Pt; R = 3,5-OMe 1d, R = 2,5-OMe 2d, R = 2,4-OMe 3d, and R = 3,4-OMe 4d. M = Pd; R = 3,5-OMe 1e, R = 2,5-OMe 2e, R = 2,4-OMe 3e, and R = 3,4-OMe 4e). Similarly, reaction of [Cu(CH3CN)4]PF6 with the 1-4 in 1:2 ratio gave [Cu{(Ph2P)2N-C6H3-R}2]PF6 (R = 3,5-OMe 1f, 2,5-OMe 2f, 2,4-OMe 3f and 3,4-OMe 4f). All new compds. were fully characterized by spectroscopy and elemental anal. and the mol. structures of seven representative compds. were detd. by single-crystal X-ray crystallog. In addn., the palladium complexes were investigated as pre-catalysts in C-C coupling reactions.