AIM: To propose a method for obtaining non-invasive highly accurate measurements of arterial diameter, thickness and pressure at a single location on a peripheral arm artery, and use this data to estimate the status of the arterial wall. METHODS: Diameter and thickness were measured with an A-mode ultrasonic echo-tracking device, with a precision of close to 1 micron. Pressure was measured with a photoplethysmograph at the finger level. A simple hemodynamic model was used to estimate, from the measured pressure pulse, the pressure waveform at the diameter-measuring site. RESULTS: The collected data made it possible to assess (1) the elastic response of the artery, through the compliance and distensibility, (2) the loading conditions, through the average stress-diameter curve and (3) the elastic properties of the wall material, through the incremental modulus of elasticity. CONCLUSION: This information can be used to assess the overall status of the arterial wall.