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Time of flight (TOF) measurements in positron emission tomography (PET) are very challenging in terms of timing performance, and should achieve ideally less than 100ps FWHM precision. We present a time-based differential technique to read out SiPMs that has less than 25ps rms electronic jitter. The novel readout is a fast front end circuit (NINO) based on a first stage differential current mode amplifier with 20input resistance. Therefore the amplifier inputs are connected differentially to the SiPM’s anode and cathode ports. The leading edge of the output signal provides the time information, while the trailing edge provides the energy information. Based on a Monte Carlo photon-generation model, SPICE simulations were run with a 3x3mm2 SiPM-model, read out with a differential current amplifier. The results of these simulations are presented here and compared with experimental data obtained with a 3x3x15mm3 LSO crystal coupled to a SiPM. The measured time coincidence precision is interpreted by the combined Monte Carlo/ SPICE simulation, as well as by Poisson statistics.