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Towards a Multi-Granular RVC VTL: A Case Study of CAL Transformations on the ISO/IEC MPEG Fixed Point IDCT

Recent advances in digital video hardware, software and coding standards have led to a wide variety of digital video products. However, such continuous evolution leads to the necessity of regular replacements of the available multimedia devices. To avoid this, a new initiative within the MPEG community, namely Reconfigurable Video Coding, has risen to provide the flexible framework that allows for the “simple” realization of highly-reconfigurable video coding solutions, without the need to wait for decades to replace the existing infrastructure. This paper illustrates the different design schemes to build various platform-specific proprietary libraries, at various granularity levels, together with a case study to prove the concept.


    • GR-LSM-CONF-2010-001

    Record created on 2010-01-20, modified on 2017-05-10

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