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A biological assay was designed and developed to study the effect of excreted morphogens of mechanically stimulated mesenchymal stromal cells (BMSCs) on neighboring cells. Physical contact of different cell pop- ulations is prevented by patterning the cells in stripes with the help of micro contact printing. Micro uidics are used to stimulate the cells with a continuous ow generating shear stresses on the cells in the order of magnitude of 1 Pascale. Applying a unidirectional ow, where the advective ow is more important than the diffusive, ensure that morphogens will only effect cells lying downstream. This adds an asymmetry to the systems - if morphogens are involved in differentiation, cells will behave differently according to their spatial position. Specific markers for BMSCs are used to determine the state of differentiation. In parallel, mRNA was extracted from differentiating bone marrow stromal cells at different time points up to three weeks, either using an adipogenic or osteogenic inductive medium. The extracted and purified mRNA can be used to characterize the cell line BM153. Adipogenic po- tential of BM153 cells was shown with an Oil Red O stain.