The „Green Lighting“ project (LESO-PB/EPFL and Swiss Federal Office of Energy) explores different ways to combine advanced day- and artificial lighting technologies for achieving highly energy-efficient office lighting scenarios. This communication gives an overview of recent achievements within the framework of the project, in particular in terms of visual comfort in office rooms equipped with Anidolic Daylighting Systems (ADS), minimization of lighting power density, possible use of novel light sources such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) and possibilities to generalize these results. It could be shown that occupant satisfaction in the considered ADS-equipped office rooms is very good and can even be optimized by a more sophisticated glare management. Lighting power densities well below 5 W/m² are already achievable today, in different types of office rooms and at various locations, provided that daylight is used intensively (for example through facadeintegrated ADS). White LEDs will offer interesting options for office lighting scenarios once they reach luminous efficacies of 80 lm/W and once appropriate luminaires become widely available