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Personalized therapy requires accurate and frequent monitoring of drugs metabolic response in living organisms during drug treatments. In case of high risk side effects, e.g. therapies with interfering anti-cancer molecules cocktails, direct monitoring of the patient’s drug metabolism is essential as the metabolic pathways efficacy is highly variable on a patient-bypatient basis. Moreover, anti-cancer pharmacological treatments are often based on cocktails of different drugs. Currently, there are no fully mature biochip systems to monitor multi-panel drugs amount in blood or in serum. The aim of this paper is to investigate the complexity of multiple drugs detection for point-of-care systems to be used in personalized therapy. Probes molecules for the biochip are the P450 enzymes as they have key role in drugs metabolism. Multiple drugs detection is carried out both by simulations and electrochemical experiments. Drugs specificity enhancement is investigated considering components decomposition of peak as registered in cyclic voltammetry acquisitions. This investigation has the aim to identify crucial aspect in VLSI design of fully-electronics biochip development in this field.